Building the Cloud Brick by Brick

June 9, 2021, 12:20 pm

It was 2008 when I started writing my blog "A ojo de Buen Cubero", it started without any other pretense than will serve as a repository / reminder of recipes that were useful to me and almost without realizing it, it was evolve in one of the reference blogs in Spanish in IT sector.

Aodbc grew and has evolved at the same time than my professional career and although I continue to work daily with these technologies (Virtualization, Hyperconvergence, Datacenters, etc.), my present tour around the cloud and that is why, after much meditation, I decided to close the Aodbc stage and focus on a new personal project. The name I chose for me seems appropriate "A Sherpa in the Cloud" and as his name will indicate, this new blog is focused on all the technologies that make the cloud possible and the difficulties that we will encounter climbing to it.

Aodbc contained more than 700 articles and migrate all to this new platform require a considerable effort (and a lot of time that I haven't) and would not make much sense since many of them have become obsolete and useless due to the passage of time and the evolution of technology, however if I plan to rescue those that has been better received, perhaps triying (if time permits) to update them to the state of the art.

If you are already follow me from Aodbc or you are a new reader, I hope you find useful information and a place to share knowledge and concerns.

Keep in touch!!!

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